Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Sign up to speak to the City Council in favor of both a fur sale ban & foie gras ban in the City of Portland.

How can you help?

Make the biggest impact of all by signing up to voice your support for a foie gras sales ban and the fur sale ban during an upcoming City Council meeting! You can even testify over Zoom – it’s really easy and really powerful!

This can be done by signing up for something called a "Communication" (a 3-minute time slot to talk about any issue of your choosing).  

You just go to this site, select two dates you are available to testify, and provide the information requested. Once you've signed up, fill out this form, so we can keep track of who's speaking.

What should I talk about?

Sharing your honest opinion on why you support the fur sale ban and foie gras ban goes a long way, but if you need a few talking points to draft your testimony, check out Fur Free PDX Talking Points and Portland Foie Gras website

Do you have any tips for addressing the City Council?

Keep things simple. Say hello, introduce yourself, and mention that you are a Portland resident. Try to stay calm and speak at a normal pace. Share your comments with them and when you are done, urge them to pass the ban, and thank them for their time. 

Do you have any examples of people taking part in City Council Communications?

Yes, here are three examples of recent meetings in which activists spoke in favor of the fur sale and foie gras sale bans. 

Testimony 12.08.2021 Testimony 12.15.2021 Testimony 12.22.2021
Image Credit: Andrew Skowron / We Animals Media